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UK Submissions to the EU Monitoring Mechanism (EUMM)
The UK submits reports to the EUMM by 15th January each year, with a finalised EUMM version of UK emissions (i.e. as incorporated into the EU's overall GHG reporting system) completed by the 15th March each year.

The annual submissions to the EUMM comprise a
National Inventory Report (NIR) (15th March) and tables of GHG emissions data presented by source sector in Common Reporting Format (CRF) tables.

Click on the links below to view recent finalised UK submissions to the EUMM.

CRF Tables
National Inventory Reports
[Note that the year of inventory submission is used in the table above, and in each case the latest year of emissions reported is 2 years behind the year of submission. For example, the inventory submitted to the EUMM in January 2008 provides emissions for the years up to and including 2006.]

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